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How to follow up after a job interview

by Temploy

After a job interview, it is important to understand the process of following up.

If done wrongly, it could affect your chances of landing the job. Here are a few tips on how to follow up in a professional manner.

1. Note the recruitment timelines. Go over the job posting again before the interview, paying attention to the timelines.

You could also ask about the next steps in the recruitment process at the end of your interview. This will help you determine the best time to follow up.

2. The thank you note. A day after your interview, you can send an email thanking the interviewer(s) for their time. Keep it short and simple.

This note is not an opportunity to add more content to your interview, but to show your appreciation and continued interest in the role.

3. The follow up note. If you have not heard back from the organization by the stated timeline, do not send a note right away. Keep calm.

Give them a few days before contacting them again. Tell them you are looking forward to hearing from them soon.

4. The feedback note. If you were not offered the job, you can send an additional note to ask for feedback on your performance during the interview.

Thank the interviewer once again for their time. Ask what you can do better for future applications. Be brief!

5. The decline note. Lastly, if you are offered the role but are no longer interested, remember to decline politely while thanking them for the offer.

Never ignore the offer or respond rudely. You never know what the future holds for you with that interviewer or organization.

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