Frequently asked questions

by Temploy

Temploy is a platform for people to employ and be employed. Not the typical recruitment website, Temploy allows you to employ people to perform specific (skilled

Simply sign up as a temployee. Temployers may contact us to post available jobs on the platform. We will match temployees to jobs based on several factors including their skill set and proximity to the job location. Our services are also customisable to fit the needs of the corporate or individual temployer.

A temployer is an organisation or individual seeking to outsource some tasks and pay for services rendered.

Please contact us to register as a temployer. Then provide the kind of jobs/tasks for which you need help, and we will recruit the temployee(s) as required. You will also need to provide feedback on job completion in order to authorise payment.

A temployee is someone who is available, able and willing to work. He/she may be available occasionally (e.g. few hours a day, one day a week) or often (up to 7 days a week) to perform various tasks.

Sign up on our website indicating the type of services you can offer and details of your availability e.g. every Tuesday, 2 days a week etc. You will also need to provide a valid means of identification and your bank details for payment purposes.

You can get any of the under-listed jobs through Temploy. Please note that the temployer reserves the right to choose the temployee(s) to carry out his task, while you also have the right to accept or reject a task. Data Entry, Document Management,  Social Media Management,  Transcribing,  Report Writing, Customer Service, IT Support, Graphic Design Research and Analysis, Marketing

The following tasks can be completed through the Temploy platform: Data Entry Document Management Social Media coverage Transcribing Rapporteuring Report Writing IT Support Graphic Design Research and Analysis

As a temployer, you can: Meet your staffing needs in response to changes in workload. Hire and evaluate workers without full-time commitment Save time and money Hire temporary workers with specialised skill sets

Many freelance sites are focused on professionals and are more suited to online tasks. However, Temploy is for anyone available, willing and able to work. We recognise that not everyone is a professional, yet people want to earn a living. So we allow people to start with small tasks, to gain experience and trust to do jobs requiring higher skill levels.

Temploy is not only for the unemployed. Anyone who has some free time and wants to earn extra income can sign up. If you have a daily (full or part-time) job, you would need to be available, willing and able to perform the services you sign up for, within the time specified by the temployer. We do not encourage the use of your regular employer’s time to perform temployee duties.

You would be required to provide a valid ID and details of your bank account before you can undertake any task. We will conduct verification of each person to confirm that they are who they say they are.

You will be paid for the duration agreed and worked. For example, if you agree to deliver a task within 2 days, you will be paid for 2 days based on the applicable rate. Rates per tasks may vary based on the skill level required. However, fees would be agreed before each task is started.

Once a temployer has agreed to hire you, and you have agreed to provide the services, the temployer will pay the agreed fees to Temploy. After this, you may go on to complete the task. Both parties must confirm job completion, before your account would be credited. Payments will be made on a one-off or periodic basis into temployee accounts, depending on the duration of the assignment.

We advise that all communication be done via Temploy, to enable us track any negotiation or agreement. We also advise that you do not take on additional jobs from the temployer without our knowledge and consent, as we may be unable to track and resolve any issues that may arise from these.

We seek to guarantee the privacy of each user. However, once both parties have agreed to work with each other, Temploy will provide full contact details of either party to the other.

A valid means of identification (National ID card, Passport, Voter’s card or Driver’s Licence) and your full contact details would be required to sign up.

While we hope that most jobs will be fulfilled by people based in or around the job location, in order to minimise costs to both the temployer and temployee, we recognise that this may not always be possible. If you are selected for a job outside your immediate location, you may be able to negotiate transportation costs in addition to the job fees.

Absolutely! Our target temployees actually range between those awaiting admissions into higher institutions to those awaiting their dream jobs. These will typically include high-school leavers, university/polytechnic students, fresh graduates awaiting NYSC or their dream jobs; as well as under-employed workers. However, you would need to be at least 18 years old, with a valid means of identification to work as a temployee.