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Who is The Ideal Referee for Your Application?

by Temploy

When asked to provide #references for a job application, many candidates get confused. Today we tackle this question and provide some useful #tips:

Who is an ideal referee?

Some people think that the best person to provide a reference is one who is popular or highly placed in an organisation. While that may be good, an ideal referee – for any application at all – is someone who can provide a STRONG REFERENCE to your abilities and skills.

They are usually someone you have worked closely with (often, as a subordinate) or studied under. Try to stay clear of someone who will provide a generic reference. A good reference should highlight your strongest qualities and describe you in way that catches the #recruiter’s attention.

By the way, have you ever wondered if it’s a referee or reference who writes the reference letter?

British English: Referee, but also accommodates ‘reference’

American English: Reference

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